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Over 20 years of stump grinding in Virginia.


No stump is too large for us to handle. leaving your property looking its best.


Stump grinding service can leave a considerable mess, which is why we offer an optional cleanup service.


We fill the holes left from the missing stump with premium topsoil to restore the area's grade, preparing it perfectly for any additional landscaping.


We specialize in tackling a wide variety of trenching projects. We bid on every job and discuss options.

The Importance of stump removal in yard.

It is highly recommended to remove the stump, as it serves no practical purpose. Leaving a stump in the lawn can lead to various problems, including an unappealing lawn and difficulties with mowing. It can be a safety hazard if someone trips over it, and it also attracts pests.

Massive Stump Removal

Watch the video below of the removal of two 11-foot wide stumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump by using a machine with a rotating cutting disk that grinds the stump into small wood chips.

Why is stump grinding important?

Stumps can be hazardous, especially if they are hidden by grass or other vegetation. Stumps can attract pests such as termites and ants, which can spread to other areas of your yard.

How does stump grinding work?

Stump grinding machines use a rotating cutting disk to grind the stump into small wood chips. The machine is operated by a trained professional who carefully grinds the stump down to below ground level.

Is stump grinding safe?

Stump grinding is generally safe when performed by a trained professional using the proper equipment. However, it is important to take precautions such as wearing protective gear and keeping children and pets away from the work area.

How long does stump grinding take?

The length of time it takes to grind a stump depends on several factors, including the size of the stump, the type of tree, and the equipment being used. However, most stumps can be ground down in a few hours.

What happens to the wood chips after stump grinding?

The wood chips produced during stump grinding can be used as mulch or compost. Alternatively, they can be removed from your yard and disposed of properly.

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